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Rob Power and Johannes Bosch were always going to play music together. They knew it within about 5 minutes of meeting each other in a sleepy coffee shop in the mountains of BC.


Rob first picked up a guitar at the age of 14 having seen a video entitled "Heart Shaped Box" on Beavis and Butthead while watching MTV.  It was the feeling of astonishment that someone could piece together so much obnoxious colour, harsh undertones and muddled guitar strings that cemented in his mind that he wanted to do the same thing.  House parties ensued before he played his first gig in a now defunct basement bar in downtown Toronto.  Songwriting had come at the age of 19 where the theme was often heartbreak but soon evolved into love, mental wanderings and exploring the joys of life.  Having arrived in Squamish he took up the alias of ''Tom Francis'' and hosted local open mics with an old Garrison guitar subtely named ''Gary''.

Johannes "Jo" Bosch's first presentation to the music world was a self produced album in the early 2000's made on a computer pulled from a dumpster.  Having spent some formative years in the southern US, he was exposed to old time and blues which came to be big influences in his writing and playing style.  After playing in bands and recording for the better part of 20 years he would arrive in Squamish where he would later describe his introduction to the town, "I met Gary and Tom before I met Rob..".  A revolving lineup meant that various incarnations of sets were rehearsed resulting in the capabilities of a quiet intimate acoustic duo set or a full band rock show.  



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